What is K.R.O.C. ?

What is K.R.O.C.?

K.R.O.C. stands for Kart Race of Champions . The concept is simple; YOU race, YOU win, YOU are the champion, and YOU earn bragging rights.

Why are we developing K.R.O.C.? Over the last couple of years there has been many traveling series that have developed in the North East. Each of them has their great aspects and all have the karter in mind. This has created a dilemma for many karters. The dilemma is that they can’t compete at every race and need to decide where to race. This is where the concept of K.R.O.C. comes in. With K.R.O.C. there is no season point championship to race for, so the racer can come to the race as a one off and not have to worry about being able to make it to the next 4 to 5 events. We envision being able to award merchandise and awards at each K.R.O.C. race that would equal that of the year end awards banquet.

All three events will have the primary sponsor of ORGAIN , and will be presented by the New Jersey Sprint Series. Each event will be a little different and will have its own distinction.

For 2016 we are proud to announce three individual K.R.O.C. events. The dates for each event are as follows:

June 10-12 @ New Jersey Motorsports Park on Tempest

Friday practice w/Saturday and Sunday Final 1 and Final 2 that will determine the overall event Champion.


July 1-2 @ Raceway Park - FIRECRACKER 200

October 21-23 @ Raceway Park

The Fall Classic returns for year number two. Raceway Park Club points will be on the line over two days of racing. Where you will qualify for position each day and race heat races and features on both days, and an individual weekend champion will be crowned.

What is ORGAIN?

ORGAIN Inc is the producer of the highest quality organic protein based nourishment products on the planet world of racing. Highlighting the importance of what organic nutrition can do to improve health and performance is key in such a high energy industry such as racing. As fitness and nutrition continue to play a bigger part of professional racing, we are pleased that Orgain has come to our community. Orgain products provide key performance benefits such as recovery, focus and endurance for any race car driver, from karting to F1.

Orgain being renowned for organic nutritional shakes includes many fantastic products to the line-up, such as ready to drink nutritional shakes in kids, vegan, and dairy based high-protein varieties, as well as great tasting, dairy and vegan plant-based organic protein powders. Orgain products have been developed with optimal health in mind and are a staple in any athlete’s life. www.drinkorgain.com

October 21-23 @ Raceway Park - Fall Classic

2016 Schedule

Race Date Track Local Hotels **Room Blocks**
Race #1 June 10-12 New Jersey Motorsports Park NJMP Hotels
Race #2 July 1-2 CANCELLED
Race #3 October 21-23 Raceway Park Raceway Park Hotels Holiday Inn

2016 NJSS K.R.O.C. Class Structure

Kid Kart 5-7 Comer C50/C51 150 lbs Spec Gear 10/89
TAG Cadet 7-12 Parilla Swift
245 lbs
240 lbs
225 lbs
TAG Junior 12-15 X-30
320 lbs
315 lbs
330 lbs
305 lbs
290 lbs
29mm Header
28mm Header

Jr. Exhaust Header
HL-166[ABC],395A 0.877 Filter Cup, Open Gearing
TAG Senior 15-Up X-30
Sonik VX
Sonik TX
Easy Kart
360 lbs
360 lbs
370 lbs
380 lbs
365 lbs
390 lbs
390 lbs
345 lbs
345 lbs
TAG Heavy 15-Up See Above Add 30 lbs
PRD Senior 15-Up PRD 380 lbs Spec Gear for each track (±1 tooth)
Senior Shifter
Yamaha Senior 15-Up Yamaha 360 lbs
330 lbs
LO206 Senior 15-Up LO206 375 lbs WKA Winter Cup/Gold Cup
LO206 Junior 12-15 LO206 320 lbs WKA Winter Cup/Gold Cup

Bridgestone YLM—MG Yellow—LeCont(prime)—Evinco(red)

Bridgestone YLC; MG Red; Hoosier R60A; MoJo D2

Forms and Contact Information

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NJSS has a Trackside Photographer

The photographer’s name is John John Lane of J J Lane Racing Photos.
His contact info is cell: 1-862-452-4259, email: jjlane2008@yahoo.com, or msg via his company FB page.
Should racers choose to order photos, he requests kart #, name of class, and event name/date.

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